The Early Years Foundation Stage

We operate using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS brings together learning, development and welfare as a whole, ensuring that both go hand in hand, in an environment which nurturers all children. This is something that we feel we do very well, using the learning and development requirements to ensure a varied, fun, play based ethos. We look at each child as an individual to enable our practitioners to build on each child's next steps and plan their learning journey.

Our staff use iPads and paperless software to record instant observations of the children and link that directly to the elements of the curriculum that apply. A virtual post it note is used to record what is happening at that moment in time. All observations that are recorded are stored on a secure web suite and these can be shared directly with the parents via email. This means you can have your child's records shared conveniently on your smartphone, iPad/tablet or home computer. The web suite helps us collate each child's progress to ensure we are meeting all of their needs and planning appropriate next steps.

There is a useful document called 'What to expect, when?' which provides a parent friendly version of the curriculum. You can download it here:

What to expect, when?

The welfare requirements of the EYFS ensure that the highest standards of care are maintained and contribute to each child achieving the Every Child Matters outcomes: