What makes us special

A Unique Child

We recognise that all children bring positive attributes to our settings which contribute to the diverse needs of our society. All children in our care are special to us. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our nurseries operate in inclusive practice, catering for every need no matter how big or small, this also includes the needs of the parents.

Enabling Environments

All nursery environments are created not only by structure and layout of individual rooms but are supported by resources, equipment and enthusiastic adults. Our aim is to provide a warm and accepting atmosphere to ensure children feel confident in their surroundings. Individual room environments are created to support the age and stage of development of each child and enable active learning, play and exploration. We constantly reflect on our environment and make changes if necessary to support the growing and varied needs of the children in our care.

Learning and Development

We recognise that children learn best with both physical and mental challenges. We understand the need to provide learning that involves other people, ideas, objects and events to engage the children for sustained periods. We aim to ensure our rooms are well maintained and resourced to a high standard. To learn more about how we use the Early Years Foundation Stage please refer to the EYFS section of our website. You can download our parent information leaflet there.


Positive Relationships

We believe positive relationships with children and their families is the foundation to building happy, confident  members of society.

We use a key person system in all of our settings. A key person has special responsibilities to work with their group of children, offering reassurance and a feeling of being safe and cared for. The key person is encouraged to build strong bonds with the child's parents/guardians. We also emphasise the importance of positive relationships amongst the children, encouraging and nurturing friendships.

Healthy Lifestyles / Startwell

We pride ourselves in promoting a healthy lifestyle for the children in our care. All of our settings have access to their own outdoor space, which is used all year round.

Our menus have been nutritionally analysed using the 'Eat Well Plate' to ensure we provide a balanced and varied diet. We will happily cater for special diets and nutritional needs.

All three of our Birmingham settings are taking part in a scheme called Startwell, backed by the NHS to promote eating healthy, being active and achieving more. We are embedding this into our work with children and parents to promote the key messages of the award.