Sample Menus

We currently provide meals that are made on site, and also brought in from an outside caterer. When the nursery is fully established all meals will be prepared on site. Meals consist of lunch with a dessert, tea with a dessert and a snack. A sample of one weeks menu can be found below.

Week OneDinnerPuddingTea
MondayHomemade macaroni cheese with green beans and cauliflowerTinned mandarinsAssorted sandwiches
TuesdayHomemade cottage pie with mixed vegetables and gravyTinned fruit cocktail and evaporated milkCrumpets
WednesdayHomemade fish fingers, alpha bites, peas and sweet corn with parsley sauceYoghurtsAssorted sandwiches
ThursdaySpaghetti Bolognese Cake and custard Cheese and biscuits with apple slices and grapes
FridayChicken, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables and gravy Jelly and ice creamMuffins
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