Our Nursery Rooms

Baby Room (0-1yrs)

Children who are cared for within our baby room can enjoy a bright, cheerful and stimulating environment. There is an area which caters for all aspects of play. These activities include water play, painting and jelly play. Messy activities such as these are great at offering stimulation and exploration for our youngest children, but also provide access to their first mark making experiences.

Meal times play a major role within our nursery and our baby room has it’s own milk kitchen which allows staff to instantly prepare feeds and snacks when needed.

There is a soft cosy area which provides the babies with a space where they can snuggle down and relax.

Our team provides an individual key person system to ensure continuity is followed from home to nursery. We believe that keeping your baby in a routine is an important role which must be followed from day to day and we want to ensure that they settle into nursery life easily and are happy and content throughout their time here.

Tinie Room (1-2yrs)

Our tinie room has been specially designed for those developing toddlers within our care. It is surrounded by songs and music to help encourage language and development.

We believe that all toddlers should have fun with others and we provide them with the space to move around freely and be active. We have a messy area on offer which provides the children with stimulation and the chance to explore new opportunities. Messy activities include water play and mark making.

The tinie room has lots of soft cushions and bean bags for the toddlers to rest on after all of the fun and excitement.

Nursery Room (2-3yrs)

The nursery room has been created for the adventurous child and provides a little more structure within their day helping them to become more independent. Play still plays an important role, however we have a 24 and 36 month assessment in place to focus on their capabilities and help develop them to their full potential.

We help develop their confidence, creativity and independence. Forming friendships and being caring towards each other is also encouraged as well as the ability to explore and discover. The children can take full advantage of the well equipped imagination area.

School Room (3-5yrs)

Our school room helps the children prepare for ‘big school’. Each child will take part in a wide range of activities based around the EYFS. There will be plenty for your child to bring home and enjoy with you.

We encourage the children within the school room to listen to and respect each other. The school room enjoys special visits from Busy Lizzie. Each child can enjoy new freedom and becoming more independent.

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