Our Nursery Rooms

Baby Room (0-1yrs)

Our Baby Room consists of two large rooms, equipped with a separate milk kitchen and changing facility. Both rooms are connected via a small gateway, they are light and airy, providing a homely environment. The one side provides a lino area to offer activities around messy play; such as sand and water play, painting, slime and other creative activities. Messy activities not only offer stimulation and exploration for our youngest children, but they also provide access to their first mark making experiences. It is these first forms of creativity that enhance a child’s learning and development, especially for their fine and gross motor skills.

Meal times are a major part in any young child’s development, with the facility of our own milk kitchen, we can instantly prepare milk feeds and snacks. All main meals are brought in from our main nursery kitchen. We have special low tables and chairs for our children’s comfort, highchairs are also present for our much younger children. Once able to hold their own spoon; with the help of our staff team, meal times are used to help children develop their own skills of eating. The social event enables all of the children to sit in a lovely manner and be adventurous with their food. Meal time is always a happy event at Cotton Tails.

Our carpet area, offers sensory activities with our special bubble tube, soft cushions for rest and relaxation, cots for our younger children and individual bedding for resting on.

Our team provide an individual Key Person system to ensure continuity is followed from home to nursery. Knowing your baby and their routine is important to us to ensure they settle within nursery life and are happy and content.

Tinie Room (1-2yrs)

Our new Tinie Room opened in January 2013, with our years of knowledge within the Nursery Sector, we ensured this room could provide everything our developing toddlers require. Brightly coloured lino flooring for those messy activities, carpet for rest and relaxation, a wonderful conservatory for offering indoor physical pursuits with soft play equipment, bikes and trikes.

The conservatory leads out onto our special decking area, offering additional outdoor play. This decking has been designed to mimic the outdoors by the use of artificial grass within the decking itself. This special enclosed garden provides a safe environment for our youngest children, with the advantage that they can still use the nurseries main garden for more physical pursuits.

Within our specially designed Tinie Room, we also provide an independent creative area for more messy play activities, encouraging the developing artist, helping to cultivate your child’s creative side.

Our room is totally functional for feeding and snack time, with the main preparation brought in from the main kitchen.

These rooms are bright and light, colour has been chosen with great detail to ensure your child feels stimulated, it is a fun filled room, offering a wide range of equipment for the young developing, adventurous toddler.

Nursery Room (2-3yrs)

The Nursery Room caters for children that need a little more structure within their day. Play still plays an important part of our ethos, but we also focus on their capabilities helping them develop to their full potential.

Our Nursery Room has specially designed toilet facilities, where we encourage our children with the help of our team to promote healthy social skills. Understanding the importance of hygiene and healthy eating also plays a great part in our curriculum, sharing and caring about their friends and their world is vital at this age. Communication is paramount and activities are provided to help encourage their knowledge and understanding of words and what they mean.

Our topics and activities are carried out within 2 groups, according to age and ability. They use all the areas on offer. The rooms consist of 3 open plan spaces and a separate room which is connected by a door way.

School Room (3-5yrs)

Our School Room children are prepared for ‘Big School’. A lot of thought is given to aid their independence with dressing, toileting and self-service of food and drink.

We ensure the room is equipped to provide a stimulating environment, bright colours provide an exciting environment, motivating our children to achieve to the best of their ability.

Activities are based upon all areas of the curriculum with problem solving being a major part of our ethos, together with phonic work and grasping a good knowledge of sounds, numbers and basic writing skills. Everything your child needs for their move into reception will be mimicked here: registration, helpful monitors aiding independence and a general understanding of what is ‘right and wrong’.

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