Our Nursery Rooms

Baby Room

Our Baby Room offers a ‘homely’ environment. A large open plan room with areas for activities, quiet time/rest, exploration and getting messy!

The babies are provided with a range of fun activities. These include: sand and water play, painting, slime and other creative experiences. They are also encouraged to take part in singing/story and music time, along with regular sessions with a rhythm time instructor. A continual effort is made to foster physical development as the babies go from crawling to walking.

As the babies become more active, the routine is adapted to meet their developing needs. Your child will be encouraged to take part in exciting, fun activities that will continue to stimulate and encourage the development of new skills. As well as being nurtured with lots of love and stimulation.

We also use Makaton (simple sign language) to further stimulate early communication skills to aide self-expression. This continues through their days within the nursery.

Tweenie Room

The Tweenie Room is a large spacious area designed for the developing young toddler, it offers a lively environment. The room provides a lino area for messy activities and a carpeted area for floor play, building, constructing and imaginative play.

The room is self-contained and provides a separate bathroom with changing facilities; we will also introduce first steps towards potty training. Daily focused activities take place centred on the children’s individual needs and interests.

The children are offered a large range of activities to stimulate and encourage their holistic development.

This room is an essential ingredient focusing on development from baby to active independent toddler!

Pre-School Room

This is our largest room, we have separate bathroom facilities with a changing area We focus on toileting within this room and aim for all children to be successfully out of nappies by the time they move on to the next age group.

As in all rooms learning takes place through play based activities. Planned and spontaneous experiences form the basis of our learning. We use the children’s ideas and share home experiences to contribute to this, along with the EYFS. The children are offered the opportunity to rest when needed and our focus continues to be on social and emotional skills.

We extend and encourage language, new words and vocabulary and also focus on friendships and key person time.

A continual cycle of fun activities are offered throughout the day, to meet the needs of our lively youngsters!!!

School Room

Our School Room is a lovely bright room with an individual bathroom. The School Room’s environment reflects  and values the contributions made by our children.

We focus greatly on independence and learning new skills in view to moving onto ‘BIG’ school. In this room, we offer many additional experiences, such as – brushing their teeth, accessing the local community for outings and at Christmas we put on a Nativity play.

On a daily basis, we encourage independence with a teacher’s helper system. By the time children leave Happy Days to enter compulsory education, we feel they are equipped to deal with the new and exciting challenges school will offer.

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